Records Request

The Coquina Water Control District is committed to providing requested records as quickly & efficiently as possible. To help us provide you the most accurate & timely response, please carefully identify the information that you need on the request form provided below.  If you need further assistance, please contact the District office at 863-763-4601. 

By law, the District may charge a fee of .10 per page for copying public records.  Charges may also be assessed for extensive use of labor, materials, supplies and other resources used to provide access to and copies of public records. District policy is to charge when staff are required to spend more than thirty (30) minutes (continuous & cumulative) on activities related to fulfilling a records request. When charges will be assessed for a request, the person making the request will be contacted & provided an estimate of costs.  Records will not be released until all charges are paid in full.

Request Form (pdf)